Interesting Places To Visit When Travelling To Bali Indonesia

Going to Bali, Indonesia soon? Here are some places you should visit:

Ubud Monkey Forest

Also named Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is in the town of Ubud. The name is derived from the Balinese word “Ubad” which means medicine. This sanctuary is home to a couple of long-tailed macaques which tourists can encounter in the morning as they are attracted to tourists having breakfast near the hotel.

A day spent in Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the best things you can do in Bali. Why not feed them with bananas, which you can buy at the sanctuary? Monkeys are drawn to food and if you want a close encounter with them to take selfies, then feeding them bananas is a good way to go. Make sure though to keep your valuables such as sunglasses, camera lens cap, bag, and so on are out of the monkeys reach. Do not fight with them if they already have them since they can become aggressive.

Shop in Kuta

Visit Mercure Kuta Bali as the mall has top-of-the-line imported brands. A walk to Kuta will allow you to find a good selection of shirts, slippers, gadgets, and the common things you find inside malls. There you will also find a vending machine with Havaianas slippers inside. You will also find cafes, bars, coffee shops and of course restaurants lined in the place.

If you want to get good bargains, go outside the mall area where you will find bargain items. Haggling is common and you can mostly get half the price at most. Kuta beach is a surfers paradise so you will find a lot of surf shops in the area.